Our Paint

Made in the heart of England, Khannah's Honey Hues offers a handmade alternative to the commercial brands whilst keeping the same high quality you expect of artist grade paints.

Cured in microbatches, each pan of paint will take up to 8 weeks to make, from initial mulling to the final layer being put on.

Whether you are a first-time painter, or experienced artist, handmade paints allow you try out new and unusual pigments and paints that you won't see in commercial brands.

Our vision

No paint is too precious to use.

Please repeat that.

No Paint is too precious to use.

The joy of watercolour is that it goes so far, and we should all take advantage of this!

Here at KHH, we create products that are beautiful but functional. You can throw them into your bag, ready for use in putting your creativity on paper.






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