Notes on Nature

A new collection, curated with to allow artists of all skill levels to go out into the world and enjoy nature. Whether you get the palette, the nature journaling kit, or treat yourself both for the perfect summer experience.

Available 15th July – 31st July inclusive.

Notes on nature

Explore the world and document what you see with the Notes on Nature palette. A perfectly balanced palette for nature journaling, you can make a plethora of stunning mixes, and paint any subject you could dream of!

Nature journaling kit

The accompanying nature journaling kit has been exclusively curated to allow you to step out and enjoy the wild outdoors. Whether you are sitting on the beach, taking advantage of a heatwave, hiking up a hill, or sitting in your own garden, these supplies will enable you to document everything you see!

In this kit you will find beautiful handmade products with the Notes on Nature branding, including a brush towel and hand-bound sketchbook (in your choice of hot or cold press paper), plus the key essentials for going out and painting: a pencil, water brush, waterproof pens, and a bag to hold them in.

The kit will also include some exclusive pintable’s including the colour matching wheel so you can go out and use your paints in the wild!