Unveil A New Shade of Inspiration This Holiday Season

A daily dose of colour to brighten your December

What is Included?

Curate Your Own Color Journey

Half Pans

24 gorgeous half pans, in either the standard rectangular pans or the exclusive hexagon pans.
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Mini Metal Pans

24 metal mini pans, perfect for those of you who want all the colours... but actually want to use them all!
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Sample Dot Cards

Coming October 2023
Want a custom size?
Feel free to contact me to arrange your custom calendar.
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Split Pay Options


Are all the colours new/unique?

All the colours were first introduced in their respective advent calendars. Whilst some may have been made available since in other sets, the majority are advent-calendar exclusive!

For my ease and sanity, yes. Imagine having to make hundreds of variants of the accompanying booklets!

If you have had both past advent calendars, I am willing to make a custom one for yourself. To do this you will need to message me separately, and I’ll need a list of all the KHH colours you already own. This will be a bit of an undertaking, and may incur a small fee, depending on how many colours I need to make exclusively for you!

You pay the first installment and your postage upon ordering, and the second installment one month after the first.

You can! I’m happy to send you a list of the colours, or an image of the swatches if you wish to know what’s there before purchasing the calendar…

But do you really want to spoil the surprise? 😉 

Preorders: In the first week of November.

After this, within a week of your purchase 🙂

All pan sizes come in an advent calendar box!

The sample dot card advent calendar comes on a printed Christmas tree card, made of watercolour paper, in order to make the card more affordable.

see “Can I get a custom Calendar?”

Mainly because I find I don’t make them as much – micas aren’t a core part of the KHH range, and I wanted the advent calendars to feel representative of what I make.

Nope! There are no overlaps.