- Interchangable -
- Portable - Refillable -


The Sketchbook for those who want to create without fear

- Interchangable -
- Portable -
- Refillable -


The Sketchbook for those who want to create without fear

You have a brand new sketchbook.

It’s beautiful.

Everything you could want…

But you are too afraid to use it.

The crisp white pages are blank and intimidating, and so it remains on your bookshelf, unused.

Pretty, but with no purpose.

How many of us have had this issue? I know I have!

TINKER is for anyone who wants to create without being afraid of their materials.

The interchangeable binding allows you to choose the order of your sketchbook, add or remove pages, and curate a book you truly love.

With 50 pages (25 sheets) of watercolour paper in a variety of tones, textures and thicknesses, you are able to play to your hearts content.

This is not a book to only be treasured.

It is one to be used.

See TINKER in action

Which TINKER is right for me?

Choice 1. Do I want a closure?

There is no right or wrong here! All you need to choose is if you want:

a. An elastic fastening to keep your TINKER together.

b. No closure, giving a cover that is reversible – two colours in one!

Choice 2. How big do I want her to be?

Currently I offer 3 sizes: 5.5 x 5.5, 7.5 x 5.5 and 7.5 x 7.5 inches. 

If you would like that isn’t here, let me know and I can make you a custom TINKER!

Choice 3. How many types of paper do I want?

How much do you want to experiment? Every TINKER comes with at least one:

If you want to try out more papers, pick the 10 paper option. If you want to delve deeper into only a few, choose the 5 paper option!

Choice 4. What colour will it be?

Here you can really go wild. I have some standard options for simplicity, but you could literally choose any material – this is what the wonderful “other” option is for!

5.5 x 5.5 inch

There are so few square sketchbooks out there. Choose me if you want to try out something new!

7.5 x 5.5 inch

Just shy of A5, this book is the “standard” size – if you want a rectangular book, go for me!

Vertical alignment.

7.5 x 7.5 inch

The largest of the three TINKER’s, choose me if you want more space to play!


TINKER can be any colour you want! That is the joy of the interchangeable casing. 

Whilst there are limited options available on my website to not overwhelm you, I am happy to take custom requests if there is a fabric you would love to have on your TINKER.

The base design is 50 pages (25 sheets), however there are paper packs available so you can add pages and customise as much as you want!

TINKER is 3cm in thickness.

Unfortunately, the Royal Mail postal service has an increase from £6 untracked/£11 tracked to £16 untracked £21 tracked for international mail. Whilst I subsidise this by not charging for the beautiful packaging materials TINKER is contained within, this is an unfortunate side effect of the weight and dimensions of books.

On a plus side… the next price increase is at a much greater thickness… so why not use this as an excuse to buy all the things?

Due to the dimensions, I can’t offer free shipping, however I can offer subsidised shipping – I will happily halve the cost of shipping for you and send it out with your next subscription box.

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