Burnt Sienna, PBr7


A gorgeous red-brown.




Lightfastness I

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Name: Burnt Sienna

Pigment/s: PBr7

This colour is available as:

Plastic pans: either custom hexagon pans, or the standard “half pan”.

Metal pans: standard or “mini” sizes. Both of these are compatible with the pocket palette, or can be used on their own in a thin tin.

Sample dot card: This will include dried paint on watercolour paper, that can be reactivated and used in your art, or for swatch purposes.

Note: These paints are made in small batches, so may experience slight variations from pan to pan. As honey is used in the binder, please leave the paint in the freezer for 5-10 minutes prior to removing the baking parchment, to prevent the paint sticking.

Handmade in small batches using local ingredients, Khannah’s Honey Hues offer an artist-grade alternative to commercial paints. Each pigment is hand-selected to ensure quality, and from local suppliers where possible.

Here colour and joy are the focus – each paint is made to experiment and stretch the properties of pigments to give paints that offer unique characteristics. We also have a large range of single-pigment colours, offering consistent staples for your palette. You will find paints to suit any style amongst our ranges: from controlled detail in portraiture, botanicals, and animal studies to loose landscapes and abstracts. We have also recently released a shimmer range that gleams off the page.

Each pan of watercolour goes through a rigorous process to ensure perfection. From a homemade binder, containing Wollaton honey, gum arabic, and preservative that is made over 2 days, to the grinding of pigment to ensure each particle binds to the gum arabic solution, every case is taken to ensure the perfect product. The pans are filled in layers over several weeks to ensure that the maximum pigment is packed into every brush stroke.

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Half Pan, Standard Pan (Metal)


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