Hansa Yellow Deep, PY65


The warm cousin to PY3.




Lightfastness I

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Name: Hansa Yellow Deep

Pigment/s: PY65

This colour is available as:

Plastic pans: either custom hexagon pans, or the standard “half pan”.

Metal pans: standard or “mini” sizes. Both of these are compatible with the pocket palette, or can be used on their own in a thin tin.

Sample dot card: This will include dried paint on watercolour paper, that can be reactivated and used in your art, or for swatch purposes.

Note: These paints are made in small batches, so may experience slight variations from pan to pan. As honey is used in the binder, please leave the paint in the freezer for 5-10 minutes prior to removing the baking parchment, to prevent the paint sticking.

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Half Pan, Mini Pan (Metal), Standard Pan (Metal)


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