The Essentials Watercolour Palette


In collaboration with artist Ilse Asbakk, this palette will cover all your basic needs, regardless of the subject with six juicy colours that give clean mixes.

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Created to fill all the needs of a basic artist’s palette, grounded in colour theory and thorough research of what’s required to make high quality watercolours. These paints are made up of trustworthy, non-toxic, lightfast pigments, and we believe they will be a natural starting point for mixing all the colours you can imagine.

This palette has been designed in collaboration with Ilse Asbakk, and includes:

Benzimidazalone Yellow, PY154

Pyrrole Scarlet, PR255

Quinacridone Magenta, PR122

Phthalo Turquoise, PB16

Leaf Green, PG7/PY83

Azo Russet, PBr23

Please note: These paints are made in small batches, so may experience slight variations from pan to pan. As honey is used in the binder, please leave the paint in the freezer for 10-20 minutes prior to removing the baking parchment, to prevent the paint sticking.

Handmade in small batches, using local ingredients, Khannah’s Honey Hues offer an artist-grade alternative to commercial paints. Each pigment is hand-selected to ensure an even palette, and when possible, from local suppliers. Whilst the range of paints we offer is varied, the primary focus is on tuning the character of each pigment, yielding colours that have the versatility to suit any subject and style; from controlled detail in portraiture, botanicals, and animal studies to loose landscapes and abstracts. Additionally, we have a shimmer range that gleams off the page.

Each pan of watercolour goes through a rigorous process to ensure perfection. From a homemade binder, containing Wollaton honey, gum arabic, and preservative that is made over 3 days, to the grinding of pigment to ensure each particle binds to the gum arabic solution, every case is taken to ensure the perfect product. The pans are filled in layers over several weeks to ensure that the maximum pigment is packed into every brushstroke.

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Weight 40 g

Half Pan, Hexagon Palette, Mini Pan (Metal), Standard Pan (Metal)


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